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Fire Mike Woodson

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Mike Woodson is simply not the right coach for this team. It is clear that he will be fired immediately after the season. So why not fire him now? Make the change today, try to salvage the season, and maybe sneak into the playoffs. A lot is at stake this summer and missing the playoffs would be ugly, so not doing everything you can to try to grab that last spot would be irresponsible. If you are worried about the interim coach doing so well that you can't fire him... don't be. You can fire whoever you want, Mr. Dolan. Mike Woodson is a dreadful coach. His rotations are illogical, his defensive and offensive schemes are laughable, and his players have quit on him. His head coaching record is well below .500. This is for a reason. If you think Mike Woodson is the right coach for this team going forward, by all means, keep him. But you don't. I know you don't. We all know you don't. Mike Woodson knows you don't. You will fire Mike Woodson this summer for the reasons outlined above, and many more. So give us a reason to watch these final couple months of the season... make the change that we know needs to be made, NOW. Fire Mike Woodson, replace him with an inteirm coach, and then break the bank to bring in a big-time coach this summer. Maybe a coach of a certain free-agent-to-be superstar's choosing...


Woodson seems like a nice guy. The beard is great. But he has to go. 


Knicks fans, we urge you to sign this petition and share it with as many Knicks fans as you possibly can. This is in the best interests of the team going forward.


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