End Human Rights Abuses at Cecil County Detention Center!

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Some of the inmates in the Cecil County Detention Center have gone on a hunger strike to protest abhorrent conditions in the facility. The list of atrocities reported just so far are:

- Sewage backing up into inmate cells

- Inmates being denied medical care. One inmate had to wait 3 months for an inhaler

- Black mold in the facility

- 23 hour lockdowns

In addition to all that, the Cecil County Detention Center had it's second COVID outbreak in just 6 months! The dangerous overpopulation has created conditions that could lead to a death sentence for the inmates of CCDC. The facility is designed to have a capacity of 200, but as of April 14 there are 289 inmates locked away and suffering. Worse yet, the guards and staff of CCDC are not even following the COVID safety protocols.

We are demanding:

- Immediate release of anyone being held on cash bail

- Release of any inmate within 3 months of release

- Humane living conditions for all inmates

- Do not send any non-violent offender into CCDC

The inmates need YOU to be their voice on the outside and fight for their rights as they just try to survive. Please sign your name and say you stand in support and solidarity of human rights!