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James Cox Dayton International Airport: To put the Wright brother's plane back up in the main lobby.

The Wright brothers are an important symbol of not only Dayton, Ohio but of the world too for discovering how to fly. So many people from all over the world stop and look at it and even take pictures when they fly into Dayton, Ohio and see the Wright Flyer. Wright brothers taught the world to fly and I feel removing the Wright Flyer from the airport is a disappointment. I looked at the Wright Flyer everyday when I come into work and always think "wow that's how flying started". I know the Air Force Museum has a Wright Flyer but not everyone flying into Dayton has time to go see it. Why take away an important piece of history away from where everyone can see it when they fly in. I miss seeing little kids light up when they would stop and stare at it. The Wright Flyer deserves to be put back up in the airport for the enjoyment of people and as an important part of Dayton's history for the world to see!

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