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Hold yearly psychological evaluations for gun owners to help prevent gun violence

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After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas yesterday, the time has come to take action and once and for all take strict measures to prevent gun violence. I realized that every day we do nothing, the chances of dying in a similar incident only rise. That is not the world we should be living in, nor one that future generations should become accustomed to. I am not taking this opportunity for political gain or any other sort of opportunism; I just want to do all I can to help protect the American people.

I propose a yearly psychological evaluation for gun owners that could indicate whether they are fit or unfit to hold a weapon. The evaluation would test for mental disorders, prejudices, history of troublesome behavior, and other attitudes which may prove dangerous.

The evaluation would be a federal mandate, as shootings occur all over the country and are not just a problem of states. Every time we step out of our houses, we have begun to feel worry that every day, someone might end those lives right then and there.

Ownership of weaponry is an immense responsibility; I do not wish to revoke that ownership fully, but to refine it in a simple way that could take weapons out of the hands of those who might use them to take lives. As gun owners have chosen to own a weapon, so too must that choice come with guidelines to help make the world around them safe. Ensuring that those owners are sound enough to wield a gun would be a small step that could make a giant leap in preventing gun violence across the country. 

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