justice for james

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James Ford has been unfairly treated and ignored by a system that is meant to help him.

Around 3 months ago James split with his ex partner who has since decided to make his life a living hell.

James is the sole tenant of a stable yard in Essex. his ex has had him arrested on false allegations of assault, harassment and criminal damage of his own property.

Essex Police have helped her along the way by arresting him on more then 1 occasion. Essex police have not helped James at all.

His horses have been stolen and sold some more then once, his stables have been let out and his ex has taken his yard and home. How has the police helped??? they banned him from his home and left him homeless but having to pay rent, they banned him from his yard so he can not earn money to live, they arrested him many times and kept him in custody for many hours. All this man wants is to be able to live his life, look after his much loved horses and sleep in his own bed 

James needs your help to get people with the powers to listen to him.