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Residents Against Norge Solar Farm

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We have created this petition to bring awareness of the changes happening in our community. We have several concerns as property owners and residents of the Norge community. We have included links to stories for you to read up on the proposed solar farm. Below are a list of bullets points that represent the concerns of the community. 

• The studies we have found show a possible property value decrease of 3-7% within a 2 miles radius a solar farm. This would include Colonial Heritage, Kristiansand, Toano Woods, Hunter's Creek and Candle Station at Norge to name a few. 

• Traffic: The current traffic study used in determining the impact on the community was from 2012. As residents know, many new communities have been created since then and we feel a new traffic study should be implemented to show the true traffic on Richmond Road and Farmville Lane. 

• Traffic on Farmville Lane will be impacted by semi-trucks, work vehicles of approximately 60-80 construction workers daily for 8-10 months, from 7am-7pm. Farmville Lane is a 10 foot wide neighborhood road where our children board buses and is the sole entrance to Norvalia. In the planning meeting it was guaranteed that the construction vehicles (semi-trucks) would not run at the same time as the school buses. However, there are nine pick-up and and drop offs from 6:30am to 6pm if you count Elementary, Middle, High, Bright Beginnings and After school.

• There has also been discussions of having to widen Farmville Lane to accommodate the width of the semi-trucks carrying the solar panels. This would lead to the removal of the historic crepe myrtles that line Farmville Lane.

• The path to the solar farm would be between two homes on Oslo Court. Imagine having the entrance to a commercial/industrial development between your home and your neighbors from 7am-7pm, for 8-10 months.

• SunPower (the owners of the solar panels) will be providing a evergreen buffer for properties neighboring the solar farm. However, these evergreen trees are only guaranteed for one year. We do not feel this is adequate.

• SunPower says this farm will generate power for up to 4,000 homes. However, this power will not be used within James City County. It will be sold to other parts of VA and other localities, which means very little to no tax revenue will benefit our community.  This along with the possible decrease in property values makes it hard to understand why our community leaders would allow for this to happen in our backyards.

If you would like to support our petition to stop the solar farm in Norge, please sign below and feel free to come out to the Board of Supervisors meeting May 9th, 5pm at Mounts Bay Road, Building F.

Articles below for more information. 

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