Support the closure of Go Bananas in Norridge!

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To all residents of the Northwest side, especially those in close proximity to Norridge... you may or may not have seen videos circulating on social media within the past 24 hours of violent fights that broke out again at Go Bananas, a children's entertainment business located at 4516 N. Harlem Ave. According to Go Bananas website, it offers an "ultimate family experience" and a "friendly oasis for you and your toddler to enjoy hours of fun." As can be seen in the recent videos that have quickly gone viral on social media, a violent fight between adults, both men and women, broke out and people were being hit with objects such as garbage cans and mops. You can also hear a few in the video yelling that they saw the adults pull out guns, although there has been no reports that there were in fact gunshots fired. An article that was published in May 2016 stated that police had been called to the establishment nearly 30 times in the past year for fighting, battery, theft and counterfeit money. Also stated in the article, "Responding to the ongoing police activity, Norridge Mayor James Chmura said the village has few options for closing Go Bananas because Marks has a multi-year lease on the property that won't expire for at least a decade." The entire article can be read at 

We have to come together as a community to do what we can to put an end to the amount of violence that is pouring into our neighborhoods, especially at a children's facility. Please sign and share this petition to hold Go Bananas owner, Jerrold Marks, accountable and force his hand on closing this establishment! Children and those of this community do not deserve this!