Remove Coach Kai Lee As Director of Basketball Operations/Varsity Coach

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Concerned Parents, current players, and future  prospective players are seeking to remove Coach Kai Lee from his position as The Director of Basketball Program and as Varsity Coach at Seminole Ridge Community High School.

As parents we are genuinely concerned about the impact That Coach Lee's coaching style has on the boys as well as the future of the program under his leadership. For years there has been concerns. However these concerns have been brushed aside, overlooked and even ignored. 

We as parents will no longer be silent or stand by idly any longer with the curent culture of basketball the way it is at Seminole Ridge Community High School. We are standing up as parents for our children and this school that they take so much pride in. We are encouraging all parents, players, students and even community members in the Seminole Ridge Community High School  District to sign this petition in support of hiring a new Head Basketball Coach to begin the 2017-18 school year.

Reasons for removing Kai Lee:

- Inadequate coaching ability and player evaluation skills. Evidenced by Current National Standings at -729(13886) and State +3 (550)

-Players unwillingness voiced openly over and over again to play for this coach

- Not all Players treated fairly. Repeatedly refuses to play certain players who are obviously committed to team and are at every practice.

- He has abused his power. More than one player has suffered mental issues/depression, and even low self esteem as a result  of Coach Lee's coaching style.  Player Morale is at an all time low.

- Players have quit the program due to his tactics and even more potential players will not go out for basketball because of his reputation. 

-Parents are considering withdrawing their children for the 2017-2018 School Year  if Coach Lee is not removed 

- Uses bully-like tactics to coerce players into doing what he wants. Such  behaviors  include intimidation and threats.
- Recently there was an Incident in which a JV Player was threatened to be suspended for the remaining season if he did not play on the Varsity team that night. Prior to the game that night,  majority of the players that were aware of what was happening voiced their dissatisfaction and their dislike for Coach Lee and his tactics.They also thought that it was not only unfair to the player but that it was also demoralizing to the entire JV Team which played horribly that night. As a result of this incidence the players generated a petition amognst themselves which they signed requesting to have Coach Lee removed from all Basketball Duties. Unfortunately, due to fear of retaliation and their lack of confidence in the current School Administration that anything would come of this, they decided not to turn the petition in.

 – players are afraid to speak up  for fear of additional punishment or worse treatment- and parents who do find out, hesitate to speak up because previous complaints have gone nowhere and they do not want to make the situation worse for their son(s) and/or their siblings. 

- Coach Lee has remained as a coach because despite consistent complaints by parents and players throughout the years because of failure to speak up and take action. Now is the time to speak up.  Now is the time to satand up. We need change, Freshness  and a new Culture infused into this School's Basketball Program.

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