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Don't allow Vince Li unescorted visits off site - keep him supervised

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Vince Li stabbed and ate parts of Tim McLean's body while travelling on a Greyhound bus six years ago. Currently in a mental hospital and on medication, Li has been granted permission to leave the hospital without an escort.

While his doctors agree he has stopped experiencing schizophrentic episodes and is a model patient, it is no suprise that the medications Li takes are the reason for the behavioral change.

If allowed to be in public without any escorts, there is no preventing Li from walking away from the hospital and from his medications. If he does not take his medications, his schizophrenia and violent mood disorders will begin again and he will be an imminent threat to the public.

The vists are to be started at 30 minutes at first and eventually extending to full day passes. Right now, Li has been allowed to be escorted and visit the nearby town of Selkirk but with the longer day passes he will be able to visit other towns and cities such as Lockport, Winnipeg and the nearby beaches. Of  course, Selkirk also has a Greyhound bus line and there is nothing from stopping Li from getting on that bus as soon as he leaves the medical facility and going anywhere he sees fit.

Li comitted a horrific crime and if his doctors believe he is well enough to be out during the day he should be well enough to be tried for his crimes and remain in prison. A life was taken in a most horrible way and to allow Li this new freedom is simply a slap in the face to the family and friends of Tim McLean.

Sign the petition now to ask the Criminal Code Review Board to re-evaluate their decision and to revoke the unescorted access they were considering giving Vince Li.


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