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To call for a Canadian National Referendum to stop fast tracking Immigrants into Canada.

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Many Canadians were not aware that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals would "fast track" 35,000 refugees into Canada at the taxpayers expense which cost Canadians an estimated 55 million dollars and increased security risks to everyone across the entire country.

In 2017, Trudeau and the Liberals plan to bring in hundreds of thousands of "refugees" being "fast tracked" again, at the Canadian taxpayers expense and disregard for our safety, our culture and our customs.

* FYI: Trudeau vetted 35,000 refugees into Canada in 6-9 months - normal processing time is 16 months to 3 years.

* FYI: Several Investigative journalists have discovered that the majority of these “refugees” were not Christians, and were not from Syria - as Trudeau lead everyone to believe.

The Liberal government did not ask Canadians if this was OK. They just went ahead and bypassed policy and spent our tax dollars. Now the “refugees” are here, getting settled and the aftermath from bypassing due process and policy is showing. This cannot happen again and this Liberal Government must be stopped.

With a rising deficit that is in the billions, this petition is to request a FULL STOP on all “refugee” immigration applications until the deficit is eliminated and to honor/make good on following Canada Immigration due process and policies and not make any exceptions to the rules at our expense and safety.

This Petition would cover FAST TRACKING any and all

* Government Assisted refugees,

* Privately Sponsored refugees,

* Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases

Regardless who you voted for, regardless what race you are, or what religion you are or what gender you are, your tax dollars make us all part of one big family. Let's put aside our differences and leave politics out of this and focus on one thing - the government is spending money they do not have, money that can only be raised by raising our taxes even more than they already are and doing so without the majority of hard working taxpayers permission.


Standing up for our rights IS OUR RIGHT!!!

Canadian Majority Party - CMP

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