2 July 2020
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Jamaica Public Service Company and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Justice Now

JPS bills have been the longest standing pandemic Jamaicans have been facing for decades, it is time to get their knees off our neck! They have had hard working Jamaicans in a chokehold for far too long! Too often have Jamaicans seen their paychecks cut in half to pay for exorbitant and unjust JPS bills! Well the time has come to #dismantleJPS, #EndTheInjustice. Not to mention that for a company that bleeds the pockets of Jamaicans so much, their service is next to dismal! Our demands should be as follows:

1. Revisit, with the intent to eliminate, the JPS monopoly legislation. The intent should be to eliminate this privilege before 2024.

2. Eliminate the practice of guaranteed profit for the JPS which allows them to push all their losses onto customers. There is no way that a Jamaican's bill should arbitrarily double, with no increase in use, yet it happens all the time.

2. Reduce/eliminate tariffs on the importation of solar, wind, hydro and all other forms of renewable energy technology (including but not limited to raw materials) for the next 15 years for all Jamaican companies and individuals. 

3. Enact tax-incentives for all companies that invest in, and produce renewable energy technology locally.

4. Remove the red tape that prevents the average Jamaican from affording and generating their own power through the use of solar, wind or alternative forms of energy.

5. Create a public-private partnership with private Jamaican-owned renewable energy companies to encourage and promote the acquisition of affordable solar and wind energy technology for individual and company use.  


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Signatures: 745Next Goal: 1,000
Support now


  • Jamaica Public Service Company
  • Andrew Holness Prime Minister of Jamaica
  • Fayval Williams Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
  • Jamaica Solar Energy Association