Stop the destruction of people homes and three local Jamaican Communities by developers!

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The Communities of Little Bay, Brighton and Salmon Point, South Western Jamaica are being threatening with eviction and/or the destruction of their homes by a demolition crew waiting for the go ahead to move in and destroy local homes and businesses.

14 homes are already served with eviction notices. These families, of whom many were born and grown on the lands have no-where to go and nowhere to move their homes and businesses too.

An American Millionaire, Mr Barber supposedly bought these lands many years ago and left them for 'poor' people to live on. When he 'sold the' lands he told people to leave but that was impossible as many had already settled and stayed. These 3 communities had already developed their homes and lived peacefully as fisherman and farmers, or others created other small businesses to support their families. The area is very popular with visitors who love to be around community tourism, enjoy the nature and local culture of the communities all next to each other on this beautiful unspoilt coast.

Years later Mr Barber sold the lands approx 768 acres to an American Mr. John Eugster for $1,000,000USD without leaving any paperwork to protect local people who had been encouraged to settle there. Mrs. Eugster is now supposedly the sole owner of the lands and has recently put them up for sale for $60,000,000USD. This USA family say they have a development plan for the area. It is suspected that one of the large all inclusive hotels is interested in the lands to construct a massive hotel. 

Like all the neighbours in my village I will lose my home and many of us will lose our investments in new business on the lands we bought and paid for in all good faith. There are many others in similar positions with boats and farms worked for years. I feel most for the local Jamaican families that have lived in these communities all their lives and have no idea where to go or what to do. The eldest person is 80 years old and born on the elands. Most have no money to move their homes and businesses or to buy lands or settle anywhere else.

The lands are beautiful, natural and unspoilt, with beaches that are protected turtle and wildlife habitats. So many land and sea birds around, plus sea fish the staple diet of many families. We can't to allow developers to turn these amazing organic lands into a concrete jungle. 'Progress in the name of Tourism', which will undoubtably create more crime and violence before the next coast villages fall into foreign developer's hands too.

Please help Little Bay and Brighton Community Association fight for their communities' homes. Sign our petition now and share it with your friends.