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I think we can all agree that the first boxing match was too easy for Jake Paul and even then he had quite a hard fight against Deji. Mad respect to Deji! But I think Jake Paul needs an opponent who matches him in height, weight, athleticism and experience. If we look at all YouTube Creators, there isn't anyone who could be a real danger to Jake Paul. But a lot of people would like to see Jake Paul lose, so that he could face a real threat, where he would have to be serious about it. I would like to offer myself for this mission. I am not a known YouTuber (actually just 41 subscribers), but I had a similar background than Jake. I was a wrestler, played basketball and do train at the gym quite often. It would be a fight based on earning each others respect, not drama. Imagine Apollo vs Rocky Style. I would dedicade my life to win this fight. There is no better option, Chris Brown? Soulja Boy? Supreme Patty? Faze Banks? Deji again? Seriously!?! We need a fighter, who wants to climb to the top of the mountain. Not someone who already is on top of the mountain. Thank you to everybody who would like to help me!