Support requiring a Higher Standard of Education before Serving Controlled Substances.

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Jennifer Anderson
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Together with your support we believe we can change the way people see bartenders not only in Arkansas, but across the United States. We hope that we can finally be on the same side as law enforcement, the side of protecting the community. We believe real training will save lives. Bartending cannot be a "live and learn" situation because when mistakes are made, people don't always live.

We are not asking that the current online certification be required, but a new class be introduced that will sufficiently teach all aspects of bartending. The current training provided only covers "when" a person should be cut off. This is only helpful if the bartender has been taught HOW to do this. Cutting someone off is a very hard thing to do. The person being cut off is usually anything but compliant. This is a hard thing for bartenders to handle. Many times the bartender doesn't  want to offend their favorite customer, or they simply have never been trained on what to do in this situation so they ignore the danger and wish for the best. I believe if we require internship and real training our bartenders will make better decisions.  We cannot simulate these situations. A person doesn't know if they are capable until they are actually faced with this in a real life situation. By requiring bartenders to be state board certified we would ensure a person serving the public would be trained to the state's standard and not that of any one establishment. That the person has been educated on how to do their job, what to do in case of an emergency, as well as the consequences of being an irresponsible bartender. They will make decisions based on what they have been trained to do instead of making life or death decisions on their own. When we consider the time our salon workers spend in school in the name of safety (when they will more than likely never have a life threatening situation), we see there is no argument for the need of someone serving a controlled substance to the public to have serious training.

That's why Top Shelf has asked the state of Arkansas to change the standard of training for bartenders. A one day seminar or an online questionnaire cannot be considered real training. We realize that a bartender's education cannot stop at reading ID's or how to mix  drinks.  We believe it is important to learn from every angle of the trade. A bartender will also learn about what alcohol is, how it affects the human body and what we can do to stop people from hurting themselves with alcohol.

Our combined 32 years experience has earned the trust of Pernod Ricard (Hiram Walker) and many others from the community. Local state officials and City Director Mike Lorenz are supporting us in our efforts to teach the importance of bartender safety. We are preparing to go before legislation in the near future.

Help us change history and the way we view our bartenders. We intend to bring integrity and professionalism where there has been none. This has been in the "way things have always been" category for too long. Let's re-evaluate this in 2017 and make a change! Thank you