Save Queen Street Mill, Burnley-The last surviving 19th century steam powered weaving mill

It is not sad that Queen Street Mill has closed, it is disgraceful and shortsighted. People pay to see it so do not neglect it, instead invest in it, promote it and generate enough income to keep it open and show the world the pride of Lancashire's heritage. In Yorkshire a whole town has been revitalised by its woollen mill. Saltaire is on the tourist trail to the Yorkshire Dales and we have the Pendle Hill Country and are a stop on the way to the Lakes. East Lancashire into Employment, a charity that supports disabled artists and craftspeople are based in the Mill's Business Units and they too have to leave at Christmas because the building is being closed down. So 14 businesses run by disabled people in a safe environment will probably have to close as well as ELE itself leaving to a site unknown at the moment

Brenda Kean, Burnley, ENG, United Kingdom
5 years ago
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