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I am asking for your signature to help close down Turtle Island in Tanjung Benoa, Indonesia due to terrible animal cruelty.

The animals are kept in ridiculously small cages without food and water. There was also a snake with its mouth taped shut and the other animals such as bats were packed into tiny cages. The turtles are played with like toys and not cared for. They are all distressed and will continue to live out the rest of their short lives this way as they will never be released they are there for tourists purposes only.

I have set this page up in the hope that the Bali Animal Welfare Society can do something about this as it is not just me that it has been deeply affected. There are many bad reviews on Facebook and Trip Advisor that agree this is terrible animal cruelty. Many people have reported this and nothing has been done!

Please sign this petition to put an end to the poor animals that are deeply suffering. Thank you!