Give the ONG wich protect the amazonian forest the money they need.

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The amazonian forest is usually called ''the lungs of the planet''. It gives us 20% of the oxygen we breath every day. It also contains an important amount of CO2 which would be released in the atmosphere if the forest disappears. The consequences for the climate would be catastrophic.  The global warming would come faster than ever. If the amazonian forest burn, we shall burn later. 

Therefore we have to save the forest and the easiest way to do it is to give the ONG wich are in charge of the protection of the forest the money they need to fulfill their duty.  Bolsonaro suspended a few days ago the economical aids those ONG received until there from the Brazilian government. It is unacceptable. He has to cancell this decision ! 

Bolsonaro doesn't think about the future generations. He only thinks about himself and the money he could earn if he could sell the new  plots of land he gained by burning the forest. But we have to think about our future and the future of our children. So please, just sign our petition and protect the forest !