Meat Boycott | Demanding: Amazon Protection Act

Meat Boycott | Demanding: Amazon Protection Act

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Global Youth Climate Pact started this petition to JAIR BOLSONARO and

What are we doing? Boycotting! 

Do not buy beef. Do not buy pork. Your alimentation has to cope.

Under this motto we declare war to all meat coming from Brazil, as well as to local pork.

Our biggest way to protest is not on the streets, but in the markets. Erratic economic driven nations do not hear us yell, but they do hear money. And there is where we are hitting them until our demands are met.


What do we want?

We demand a reforestation plan for the amazon and a non-deforestation treaty, signed by all eight nations by the amazon basin, and supervised by international NGOs as the Global Youth Climate Pact, as well as by the United Nations directly.

Why do we want it? 

The Amazon on fire is a devastation for our planet in many ways. Earth’s lung on flames, means the devastation of an ecosystem, as well as of mankind. Water, oxygen, people, fauna and flora are all victims from rushing an economy without having a sustainable conscience.

Fires in the Amazon are related to deforestation. Locals are setting the rainforest on fire in order to open up space for cattle and monocropping. According to INPE, deforestation was 4 times higher compared to previous year.


...release CO2 into the atmosphere as a result of combustion. If the fields are replaced by meadows and crops the CO2 can't be absorbed again. 

…burn down trees, which through photosynthesis cleans the air and gives us breathable oxygen for us to keep living. The Amazon is a carbon well. Without it, half of the European fossil emissions wouldn't be filtered.

...mean less water. Without plants to participate in the evaporation process of the water, which it is important for the creation of the clouds and therefore the precipitation itself, lands would not be naturally irrigated, leaving them dry and to the mercy of more flames.

The amazon rainforest provides 20% from the world's oxygen supply. And this year is almost 74 thousand fires were spotted there. Moreover, around one fourth of the amazon has already been chopped down, mostly for cattle ranching. We are destroying the most needed industry nature has given us: oxygen.

Why is it happening?

Brazil calls itself the breadbasket of the world.  Indeed, all those fires are directly related with cropping and field clearing.

As the international demand for quality meat rises, the Brazilian government, as well as other nations in the region, have set the economic expansion of this industry at first, affecting nature, people and culture in several ways. Furthermore, monocropping is the most cost efficient way of cultivation, but it deeply affects the surrounding ecosystem. Soy monocropping is being currently incentivised in Brazil, for it is highly profitable, and the market is booming, but the side effects are way pricier.

87% of the soy used in the European Union is used for animal feeding, mainly pork. This means that consuming local European pork, would also indirectly support the firing in the amazonian region. And Europe is not the only buyer at the table.

Our World is Unique. Let’s Save It.

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