Imposition of fine on misusage of water in Jaipur city, which also comes under DARKZONE.

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We all know that the entire Rajasthan faces water crisis throughout the year and there many districts where water is supplied via Rail Tankers. This situation worsens in summers. With the ever decreasing Groundwater Level, water which is the source of ones life has become a nightmare for many. As the per the latest news article in a leading Hindi daily newspaper Jaipur has been listed in the cities which are in the 'Dark Zone'. Therefore, its the need of the hour that the authorities have to do more than just creating awareness and should implement a fine. By doing so the citizens will be more conscious of not wasting the water. Given below is the link to an article published just 1 day ago, wherein if the citizens are found wasting the water they will be Challaned. When the 'Municipal Corporation' in Chandigarh can take this decision why can't the same be implemented in Jaipur, a city which comes under 'Dark Zone'.