Jailed for Healing the "Incurable" with Medicinal Cannabis Therapy. Drop Alans Charges Now

Jailed for Healing the "Incurable" with Medicinal Cannabis Therapy. Drop Alans Charges Now

30 April 2021
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Mr Lloyd Babb SC (The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kim Geurts

We the undersigned do not believe it is in the interests of the public to prosecute people like Alan Evans for supporting and helping ease the suffering, even saving lives of the terminally ill, with home produced medicinal cannabis therapy.

PHOTO - Hailey with a brain tumour in Oct 2020. Alan treated her with his medicinal cannabis therapy, resulting in a huge reduction within in 3 months to Dec 2020.

Since 1996 Mr Alan Evans of Nimbin, NSW, has treated hundreds of people successfully with his medicinal cannabis therapy. Patients that seek him are the tough cases that doctors cannot help, they are sent home to die with no hope of a cure or recovery. Alan heals them with zero financial gain.

In Jan 2020, Alan was arrested by Nimbin police for manufacturing medicinal cannabis oil and was imprisoned. Bail was refused in Lismore Local Court by Magistrate Michael Dakin. Alan remained bail refused for one month at Clarence Correctional Centre, Grafton NSW on Feb 2021. Magistrate Dakin later reversed his bail decision and granted Mr Evans conditional Bail. Mr Evans is currently facing charges before the Lismore Local, and District Court.

Medicinal Cannabis Therapy is fast becoming a medical necessity, so instead of charging Alan as a criminal with possible jail time, wouldn’t it be a more sensible proposition that the legal medicinal cannabis companies take advantage of his expertise and permit him to work in the legal cannabis industry as a licensed consultant?

By signing this petition, we hope to bring to attention of Mr Lloyd Babb, head of the Department of Public Prosecutions, the importance of meeting basic human needs to live without pain, and to request him to please drop Mr Evans' charges.

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Mr Evans' list of successful healing is long. A few examples are cancer of the liver, bowel, brain, breast, ovarian, testicular, anal, skin. Also MS, epilepsy, auto immune ailments and stroke. Prior to his arrest, he directed people with dose-rates that produce minimal to no side effects. It is now common knowledge that Cannabis Oil has saved people lives, eased their suffering and improved their quality of life and at 1/4 of the price of pharmaceuticals. Cannabis therapy works because it brings the whole body back to homeostasis via our endocannabanoid system (ECS). Our ECS is the largest receptor system in the entire body and cannabis is its umbrella. Our endocannabanoids regulate a plethora of physiological functions, but this system is not taught to doctors at university. Instead, they have knowledge and training of pharmaceutical medicine, which is predominantly 'target medication'. 

Home-made  cannabis medicine was supplied to the needy by Mr Evans at cost price and his consultations were free, due to his personal code of ethics namely  'To refuse financial gain from another's suffering'. Mr Evans felt that he  was morally obliged to assist people with significant ailments, and not to do so and to turn them away was  cruel and irresponsible when he had the knowledge, experience  and track record to help them. 

Would we turn our back on a drowning man, if we had a life raft at our immediate disposal?

Charging and imprisoning Alan as a criminal, helps nobody !

I am a certified and registered cannabis consultant with Dr Dustin Sulak in Maine USA. In 2018 I met Alan Evans at a Nimbin's Medican Workshop, where he was educating onlookers in the uses and benefits of 'full extract cannabis oil' (FECO) using Super Critical Extractor and Hot Press extraction methods. Mr Evans’ father was a Herbalist and at an early age taught him the ropes of herbalism. Alan's expertise is unmistakable and I have referred people with serious conditions such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nodule Cancer to him for advice and treatment.  To my knowledge, those who have used Mr Evans’ medicines according to his direction have experienced significant improvements in their various conditions and with no adverse side effects whatsoever. 

Mr Lloyd Babb, please take this opportunity to stop the injustice against people who come to the assistance of the terminally ill and those suffering from significant medical conditions where modern medicine has failed them and medicinal cannabis has not.

In relation to affordability and variety of oils specifically useful for certain ailments, the Legal Medicinal Cannabis Industry is in catch-up mode. 

No doubt the legal Medicinal Cannabis Industry will eventually catch up, but until then,

Please Mr Babb, resist the urge to prosecute those Good Samaritans and Unsung Heroes who risk their freedom to fill the void.

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Signatures: 1,365Next goal: 1,500
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