Give Nashua North and South Seniors the Graduation Ceremony they deserve

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Surrounding towns are all working hard to hold in-person graduation ceremonies for the graduating class of 2020. Well, all except Nashua. Dr. Jahmal Mosley, Superintendent has previously stated there are no viable options to hold an in-person graduation.  Anyone with social media can pretty much tell you that’s not true. Many cities, towns and states are coming up with creative ways to hold these ceremonies.

Bishop Guertin High School announced a “drive in” style graduation where they will be renting big drive in theater screens. Concord High School has proposed an in-person graduation. The proposal would require students to wear face masks along with the traditional cap and gown. The graduation will take place at Memorial Field in Concord, will have a six-foot cubicle of spacing around every kid and parent at the ceremony and will be broken up into three larger groups each separated by 4 hours. Other High Schools such as North Pole High School, Louisa County High School and Fort Mills High School have all come up with successful, creative ways to honor Seniors and hold graduation ceremonies that adhere to social distancing guidelines.

With New Hampshire’s Stay at Home 2.0 announced last week allowing hair salons, barbershops, golf courses, drive in theaters and restaurants to open with restrictions and NH State Education Officials announcing in-person graduation ceremonies can still be held if social distancing is followed, then surely there’s a way we can plan a traditional graduation ceremony with restrictions.

So the big question here is why is Dr. Mosley so against planning a ceremony that would adhere to social distancing guidelines?  Why is he so against setting an alternative date? We’re not asking for graduation to take place tomorrow or even on the original date. We’re asking for graduation to be postponed for some time later in the summer. This summer. Not in 2021.  Dr. Mosley lacks transparency. For all we know there could be a plan, but when you communicate nothing, it appears you are doing nothing and right now these seniors feel like nothing will be done for them. These hard working young adults deserve more than a virtual graduation.

I know some people may not agree and that’s okay. I also know some people may not understand what all the fuss is about and that’s okay too. Some people have even brought up disappointing the Seniors again if a traditional ceremony ends up not happening. I get that. Personally, I would much rather have these Seniors see that we did everything humanly possible to give them the ceremony they deserve. To show them that we have their backs.  Let’s rally together for our Seniors. Remember, we’re all in this together!

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