Official Petition for an immediate coalition between the NDP and Green Party of Canada

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Hello fellow citizens of Canada, 

If we're ever going to progress into a truly democratic nation with a priority on reconciliation with our Indigenous people, enact aggressive legislation to fight climate change, and finally have an electoral system that truly represents our country, we need a coalition between the New Democratic Party and the Green Party of Canada to unite the progressive majority and ensure a majority government on election day, October 21st, 2019. Their policies have a lot more in common than people think, and together they could change the Canadian political landscape. In fact, I'm not the only one who's thought about this hypothetical merger.

We're currently trapped in a first past the post system, which means that when you vote on election day, you're not voting for the prime minister. Instead, you vote for the party through a representative, or MP (Member of Parliament) in your riding. The main problem (among many others) with that is a majority government with 100% of the power can be formed with only 39% of the popular vote. This has traditionally favoured the Liberals and Conservatives in almost every election on both the federal and provincial level and it must stop. Votes for NDP and Green become throwaway votes in ridings dominated historically by Cons or Libs. This leaves voters (especially progressives) voting strategically to keep the least preferred candidate from winning, a position that doesn’t represent a true democracy. 

Canadians are tired of decades of going back and forth between two parties whose only interest is of their own and never truly about the people. Trudeau’s election campaign promised electoral reform and an immediate increase in funding for First Nations programs to address the inexcusable, third-world conditions in which many Indigenous communities live in (an embarrassing fact for one of the world’s wealthiest countries). He says what the people want to hear and doesn’t deliver. 

Then we have Andrew Scheer (endorsed by Stephen Harper), a liar with a sham resume, a hypocrite with a dual citizenship even though he and Harper vocally criticized other members of parliament for having citizenships with other nations, and a denier of climate change who believes Trudeau’s biggest failure was not constructing the Keystone Pipeline. Not to mention his past ties with Rebel Media…something that should not be taken lightly.

It's time we end corporations running our government, it's time we stand up for what's right and protect Mother Earth, and it's time we understand that our individual actions affect all on this planet. We are running out of time, and I call upon the millennials and generation z (of whom make up the largest bloc of voters) of this country to be the ones to dictate our future, not the generation on their way out. In the name of all the humans around this world fighting for democracy and fighting for what's right, let’s make our voice loud and clear and demand that Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May unite for the greater good. 


A hopeful millennial.