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Stop censoring homosexuality

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I have started this petition as RuneScape has been a game I have been enjoying playing on and off ever since I was in High School and after contacting the customer support, my request toward an in-game equality appeared to be going nowhere.  I felt rejected from a community I have been part of for years now.

Please help me make this right for the generations of kids whom will play this game.

Jagex is an independant online game company, mainly known for its sucess with the games "RuneScape" and more recently "Transformers Universe". Both of these games contain a growing online community of teenagers and young adults. 

- Considering that England possesses an anti-discrimination law toward LGBTQ people;

- Considering that the profanity filter is described by Jagex as a filter for any swear words or bad language to maintain the game enjoyable;  

- Considering that when the profanity filter is on, the word "hetero" is not censored while the words "gay", "lesbian" and "homo" are;

it appears that there is an unacceptable lack of equality toward minorities as well as an unacceptable propaganda toward teenagers and young adults maintaining that homosexuality is "bad" or "inapropriate". 

An in-game equality for young teenagers and young adults would promote an anti-homophobic for generations to come. 

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