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Stop spitting and littering in streets!! Save the public !

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 Spitting in Public is becoming a common scene in India.It becomes gruesome when we have to face this challenge of walking in a street where people literally spit EVERYWHERE !

I am a student who needs to walk on the road everyday. It was fine until one man riding a bike spit chewed tobacco on my face, when I was crossing the dustbin. These people dont even care to stop the vehicle for doing this nor concerned about the bystanders. 

Now walking alone in the street has become a horror for me. Everyone has experienced this sort of disgust at one point or the other. Why should we sit still bearing this humiliating practice .

Spitting is an unwanted habit. The saliva can spread harmful diseases like TB. It carries germs and causes health hazards. It is only safe to spit in a basin

Spitting or littering is illegal in some countries like Singapore and UK. Even some of the cities in western countries and presently Delhi has taken steps to ban spitting and littering. Other states like Meghalaya and Maharashtra are working on it. The tamilnadu prohibition of smoking and spitting act of 2002 was made but the fine amount is very less and not implemented successfully.

How it is implemented in foreign countries is through a community which monitors each area. In India, it can easily be done under swachh bharat. Here are the steps !!

  1. Frame a set of rules making spitting and littering punishable with high amount of fine. 
  2. Gather the resources - people who monitor particular area such as NGOs and installation of more dustbins and spit bins. 
  3. Implement in a regular manner.

Why do we need to still talk about ultra clean foreign countries when we can make our own country like that!! Join hands for making this country a healthier and cleaner place. 

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