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Link organ donation with Aadhar Card ( To prevent organ trafficking , etc)

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Did you know ?  

Deceased can give life to 8 humans if organs are extracted . You can always be an hero after your death

Did you know ?

a) Less than 50% of those who have pledged , donate . Reason : Because at the time of such grief  ,intense sorrow . Family of deceased fails to recall such pledge and more than often is not reminded at the right time .

 b) "In India 200,000 people need a new kidney every year and 100,000 need a new liver, but only 2 to 3 percent of the demand for new organs is met," said Vij, head of the Organ Retrival Banking Organisation (ORBO) at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Solution : Make Aadhar details a mandatory field in the organ donation pledge form.

How will this help ?

Hospitals will be able to track details of the patient by means of Aadhar number . Once such document is submitted along with various other paperwork formality .

What will this ensure ?

If a patient had pledged for Organ Donation during his life time and the same is linked Aadhar Card , this will ensure hospitals to identify patient who have pledged for the same and can plan to reach out to the family for the same .

How to reach out to the family of deceased ?

 a) Firstly ,The request for organ donation should be separate—or "decoupled". This allows the family time to understand and accept the concept organ donation.

 b) Second, the request for organs should be made by a trained OPO representative along with the hospital staff as a team. It is best that the physician or nurse caring for the patient not discuss organ donation with the family prior to OPO involvement. The hospital staff and OPO donation coordinator can work together to determine the best time to talk to the family.

c) Third, the request should be made in a private and quiet setting.

 Higher consent rates have been shown to occur when these 3 procedures are followed.

Advantages of this system

 a) Centralised Data of all donors with HEALTH MINISTRY
 b) Realtime Updation of those enrolling for organ donation
 c) Realtime Updation of ones who are being processed for organ extraction
 d) Transparency , accountability as well as prevention of malpractice associated with organ trafficking  
 e) Higher rate of conversion of family agreeing to donate organs as they can be reminded of the pledge taken by the deceased during his/her lifetime.

"A law which makes it mandatory to furnish Aadhar Details while registering for organ donation" is our ask. 

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