Give every Black Desert Online player free weapon exchange & xp transfer coupons

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In the last months, the online game Black Desert Online was changed significantly regarding viability of its playable classes.

The game developers have continously failed to communicate upcoming or past changes with the players, resulting in disappointment and frustration among huge parts of the playerbase.

We, the players, demand a free exchange coupon for all 3 weapons: Main, Offhand and Awakening to be able to play a class that has not been stomped into the ground in terms of viability. 

We also demand a free xp transfer coupon to make up for the thousands of hours we spent grinding on our favourite classes that are now unplayable.

To conclude the players thoughts regarding the changes, this quote is very fitting:

"i'm not spending money on a game that they can randomly rework out of the blue after 15,000 hours+ online without any choice or compensation or anything lol at 1 month kama buff

i have 23+ costumes, 111.5k rbf score, guru lifeskill, pen wep for my class and 2730+ skill points and lvl 62 how the ** do i reroll from that considering i wont ever get to the same point as this now and even if i do in 2 years then if i never rerolled id be at another inachievable place instead

the class wasnt as bad at the beginning as it is now, now it's complete and utter trainwreck, they baited me into investing as much as i did and now it's complete garbage and the only way to reroll is to invest more time and more money because they clearly have no intention of ever fixing this class"

For me personally, this is the last effort i will take towards making this once so good game enjoyable again and I'm sure many of you players are with me.

Please sign this petition if you care about the future of the game Black Desert Online.