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Jactus Lapilli to End the Jones Act for the Sake Of Puerto Rico

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Jactus Lapilli: Throwing down a stone, a symbolic act to bar the acquisition of an adverse prescriptive right or title.

This petition is the stone. The adverse prescriptive right or title is the Jones Act which prevents Puerto Rico from trading  directly with foreign nations causing shipping cost increases to the island by having goods transported to Mainland US and redistributing goods to American Owned shipping companies, effectively destabilizing federal taxes paying citizens economic prosperity. 

To purposefully and underhandedly induce bankruptcy in a commonwealth for the sake of "better interests" is inhumane, unconstitutional and criminally neglegent as per not only the American Constitutions values, but the values established by the United Nations and NAFTA. To not lift the act at this time is criminal. To not end it in total is Inamerican. 

To lift the Jones Act, permanently, would help Puerto Rico stabilize it's Economic Cash flow, create more job opportunities and overall create more functioning federal tax payers.

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