Support Vegetation Removal From Erie Canal for Safety Inspections

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The NY Power Authority (new owners of the canal) have instigated a vegetation removal program for HIGH HAZARD RISK areas of the earthen embankment dams along certain areas of the canal between Brockport and  Fairport. These areas have been classified as being a great risk of embankment failure by The US Corps of Engineers, Association of Dam Safety Officers, NY DEC and others, likely to cause loss of life and property damage.

The Canal Authority has failed to show evidence of inspections of these structures over the past twenty years. Worse, a simple walk along the towpath between Fairport and Bushnell's Basin will show that the amount of vegetation, scrub, brush and  trees make it impossible to carry out a professional safety inspection of these structures. If you are unable to make the walk personally, please watch this Youtube video where you will see huge trees in danger of collapse, brush and scrub so thick, they are impenetrable, and huge gouged out gullies in the slopes compromising the embankment.

The slopes of these embankments are dangerously steep and they are already leaking, which is a potential recipe for disaster. It's not a case of if the canal will breach, it's when.

There is a small group of people who are opposed to these inspections, citing their love of trees etc. yet none of them actually live under the threat of embankment failure.

If you are concerned about the safety of folks and their property, and the children in Jefferson Avenue School, all under the shadow of these very dangerous embankments, please sign this petition to support the NY Power Authority

For more information, please visit my blog where you will find all the facts you need to understand why this project needs to be supported.  Your life and property depend on it!


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