STOP Senate Bill 871 and Bill 866

STOP Senate Bill 871 and Bill 866

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Started by Audrey Bragg

Currently, there are two bills being introduced to the California legislature; Senate Bill 871 and Senate Bill 866. These two bill will take the rights away of us as human beings, parents, and our children.

Senate Bill 871, as proposed, will add COVID-19 to California’s list of required inoculations for children ages 5 to 18 attending public or private K-12 schools. This vaccine mandate, unlike prior mandates, is not contingent upon vaccine approval by the Federal Drug Administration. Senate Bill 871 also removes the current legal protections for personal belief exemptions with respect to new vaccine mandates, including COVID-19. Under the bill, the California Department of Public Health could mandate vaccines in the future without requiring the state to offer personal belief exemptions, a move that would make it easier to add COVID-19 boosters or other immunizations for students without a lengthy legislative process.

Senate Bill 866, will permit California children age 12 and older to consent legally to the receipt of vaccines, including the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, without a parent’s consent or knowledge.

Vaccines were meant to protect one’s body from diseases or viruses. The Covid-19 "vaccine" is not a vaccine. It is a shot, just like the Flu Shot. It helps prevent or lessen the symptoms caused by the virus. The Covid-19 inoculation will NOT prevent you from getting Covid-19, as we have already seen reports of vaccinated people contracting Covid-19. Nor will it prevent you from passing on the virus. Receiving the Covid-19 vaccine should be a personal choice for each and everyone. More so this should not be something mandated in order for our children to attend school. If there are people that are concerned about the unvaccinated then isn’t that the point of them being vaccinated themselves? To protect themselves from the virus?

In relation to Bill 866 a person at the age of 12 is nowhere near the age of being able to make their own health decisions. Some children at this age don't even know what allergies they have or how their body might react to something. Children at this age are simply children. They aren't even given a right to drive or have the maturity to stay home alone, let alone make their own healthcare decisions.

We need to stand up for our own human rights; for us, for our children, and for our children's future. Everyone's body is different in their own way, each body takes on and reacts to things differently. We should have a right to decide what gets put into our own bodies. No one else should be able to decide that for us. If either of these bills are passed we will have no more rights for our own personal health.


695 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!