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Ankie Spitzer, Ilana Romano and JCC Rockland
New City, NY

Jul 28, 2012 — First Day in Tel Aviv

Shalom from the Holy Land! We have finally arrived in Tel Aviv after two days of very intensive traveling. Our first day was more than eventful. We had the opportunity to visit with Shlomit Nir-Toor, one of the survivors of the Munich attack and a former Israeli Olympic swimmer. She surpassed our expectations, welcoming us with open arms to the Israeli culture.

We began the day with a visit to Wingate Institute in Netanya, and had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Moran Betzer- Tayar, the director of the Academy for Sport Excellence. There, we were exposed to the dedication and the love for sports of many Israelis, especially that of the youth. Throughout our tour of the campus it became more evident that sports fuel the youth, providing motivation, discipline and overall enjoyment. As we reached the end of the tour we came across the memorial site for the Munich 11, located in the middle of campus, further reminding the community and anyone who visits that the