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The Windsor Star

Ankie Spitzer, Ilana Romano and JCC Rockland
New City, NY

Jul 28, 2012 — 
LONDON — There was no room, again. There was so much, again, and yet there was no room. This was the ninth opening ceremony since 1972, and every time the International Olympic Committee has managed to pretend nothing happened, while the whole world watches. Not the time, they say. Not appropriate.

These reasons are indefensible, too. For all their vast corporate excess, their transnational thievery, the elites at their core, the Games are supposed to be a symbol of peace, and of bringing the world together; Munich was the antithesis of that. Olympic athletes, killed at the Olympics, because of their nationality. What, in theory, could the Olympic movement more strongly oppose? What would be more monstrous than that?