Reduction of food wrapping in Jacobs University serveries

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Dear apetito,

we, the student body of Jacobs University, demand you as our caterer to reduce the current amount of wrapping used in the serveries, in order to avoid environmental pollution.

We acknowledge that we are living in an before unknown situation of an ongoing pandemic and that safety measures have to been taken. Nevertheless, our future does not only depend on our health but also on the inhabitability of the very planet we live on. The extensive amount of wrappings of different materials around the food items and the use of plastic cutlery use a huge amount of resources and produce a lot of waste. Furthermore, plastic-wrapped food is suspected to be unhealthy, that is plastic is known to enter the food.

In no supermarket or at any regular hotel/restaurant buffet you find a similar situation as in our serveries. People wear their face masks and are therefore not able to distribute the virus by aerosols onto the food. They sanitize their hands before entering the servery and anyway should only touch the items they want to take - independently from COVID. Furthermore, "there is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 from food, including fruits and vegetables." (WHO) Hence, there does not seem to be the necessity to wrap everything. Bananas will be peeled, apples can be washed, salads are taken with salad forks etc.

Many freshmen students have been shocked by the wrapping culture in our serveries and approached the environmental club. As further approaches to Apetito had not led to success we do now use this pathway to express our concerns.