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FULLY AWARE of constitutional provisions that binds us in a constitution made and agreed to by ourselves,

AWARE of the tenants of International law that governs nations,

HEREBY submit as follows,

We are fully behind the actions of our Defence Forces lead by General Constatine Chiwenga which forces are composed of peace loving Zimbabwean citizens.

SADC, AU and similar bodies should carry out their mandate in a manner that benefit all Zimbabweans and not only the president and a few who constitute his inner circle.

WE believe so much in Democracy and have willingly participated in elections in the past wherein our Democratic voices were silenced through classic rigging which you might be very much aware of. In one case we took more than a month to announce election results, an absurdity so glaring.

Our government has been in the habit of passing laws and policies which are against the development of the nation and nothing but partisan. In the end all that bodies like SADC only looks at the "constitutionality" and "legality" of government actions and nothing more. In so doing illegal activities are legalized and monsters allow themselves to operate within the "confines of the law." Our police has turned brutal, there is too much victimization and restoring our nation to sanity can only come under the current environment championed by our Defence Forces. 

Any person who in the past have decided to speak against the leadership has faced at least one or more of these, abuse, victimization, persecution, arrest, dismissal, death, police brutality, torture and this is not a secret. The list includes government officials, opposition political leaders, civil activists, legal practitioners and ordinary citizens.

We call upon bodies like SADC and AU to carry out their mandate without fear or favour. May SADC not be tempted to act contrary to the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe simply for the fear of having the same situation underway in Zimbabwe prevail in their own nations or retain regional status quo which is not good for citizens of respective nations.

Recently the Chairperson of AU indicated that this is no era for dictators to thrive. We call upon SADC to follow suit and let African nations rise to greatness.

We have emphasized on PEACE because we are indeed peace loving. So far our military have maintained the same peace which is commendable. We don't want bloodshed in our nation, yet not compromising on the need to Restore sanity in our nation. What is currently going on is our way to salvation. 

Yours sincerely


The People of Zimbabwe.

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