Jacob’s Law for responsible gun ownership

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On October 22, 2014, my sister's boyfriend decided to clean his .38 caliber handgun while children were present in the house. My 9-month-old nephew Jacob was crawling nearby, when the gun accidentally discharged a bullet. The bullet ricocheted into the back of Jacob's head. Jacob died the next day from his injuries.

Anyone who owns a gun or is knowledgeable about weapons knows the first thing you do is make sure the gun is not loaded. Negligence and gun ownership are a deadly combination. Since there were no charges and a conviction, Jacob’s father can continue to own and purchase guns. This is wrong, and I want to change it.

If you are a gun owner and are responsible for the serious injury or death of another person -- even if it was an accident -- you should no longer be allowed to own or purchase a gun. I’m hoping that Indiana, where Jacob lived, will be the first state to pass a law that revokes gun ownership in such cases.

I hope that Jacob’s Law will encourage more responsible gun ownership and ensure that those who are negligent will not be allowed to ruin another life. Currently, unless a person is charged with a crime when an unintentional shooting occurs, they are still allowed to own and buy guns. People like Jacob’s father should no longer be allowed to have a gun. It’s just common sense.

Shooting someone unintentionally is not an accident. Accidents are unavoidable while unintentional is completely avoidable when the proper actions are followed. What happened to Jacob was avoidable.

We will never get to see Jacob grow up. We will never watch him have a first day at school,  drive a car, graduate, get married, or have children of his own, all because of someone's carelessness. I am not trying to punish anyone. I am trying to prevent another family's heartache. Please sign my petition.