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No divorce payment to the EU ( BREXIT )

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Weather you were for leave or remain we the tax payer can not let Theresa May the priminister at present to pay the EU a divorce payment for withdrawing from the EU and single market, there is no legal frame work that said that we need to pay the EU  anything at all,,, these funds can go towards our NHS, HOMELESS, CARERES OUR SCHOOLS, FIRE, POLICE, NURSES, PRISON OFFICERS, X SERVICES FUNDS The list can go on and on, we are already trillions in dept, why is there a need to put us so much in more dept to a corrupt EU which has not had there accounts audited for over 20 years, remember the EU need us more than we need them, were are all being blinded by Theresa may and her committe, we must tel her that we will not give her our permission to sell us down the river and she must think before she contemplates giving money away to a corrupt EU,, 0ver 34 million voters voted for or agaist to leave the EU, not lets show the government that we care for our country and charity begins at home no in the EU

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