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Jacob Lew, the current secretary of treasury recently announced that Alexander Hamilton will be taken off of the $10 bill and replaced by a woman. This is huge win for women and women have the right to be on our national currency just like men do. 

Earlier in the year, women groups advocated and conducted a petition that attracted thousands and thousands of supporters calling for a women to be featured on the $20 bill, not the $10 bill.

Does our Secretary of Treasury know who Andrew Jackson was? Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States, he was a slave owner, he caused one of the greatest financial disasters of American history (this was blamed on his successor Martin Van Buren), slaughtered thousands of Native Americans, and on frequent occasions ignored the other two branches of government making him known by many as King Andrew Jackson. 

Alexander Hamilton was a prominent founding father, constitution lover, first secretary of the treasury, and among other things he was the establisher of the national bank with support from Washington.

Alexander Hamilton doesn't deserve to be removed from our national currency. Let's remove the genocidal slave loving King Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill!

If you could please help by signing the petition and sharing it with everyone that would be very helpful. 

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