Make the 'knee-to-neck manoeuvre' illegal

Make the 'knee-to-neck manoeuvre' illegal

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Started by Zamm Zamudio

The 'knee-to-neck' manoeuvre is very dangerous and damaging.

In fact, the 'knee-to-neck' manoeuvre is banned by several major metropolitan police departments, but Minneapolis police allow police to restrain suspects' necks if they're aggressive or resisting arrest (CNN, 2020). 

The 'knee-to-neck' manoeuvre is fatal - George Floyd died from it.

The 'knee-to-neck' manoeuvre is fatal - Eric Garner died from it.

It is very clear, as clear as day, that even if this practice is banned, it is still being used. Legislation can make it illegal. When it becomes illegal, it becomes criminal. If someone decides to use it then they become accountable and liable. It's the only way. Police need to protect themselves, but that doesn't mean that the person's life they are arresting is less valuable and protected than theirs.

You know your mayors, congressmen, senators, justices and police heads. Write to your leaders and ask them to legislate a law - The George Floyd Law - that will make the 'knee-to-neck' manoeuvre a crime.  Keeping it not-illegal is unacceptable - it will just keep happening. Sign this petition to raise awareness that there should be NO MORE deaths from the 'knee-to-neck' manoeuvre. Enough is enough.

CNN. (29 May 2020).

3,115 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!