Honoring George Floyd's Death - Changing OG Kush Marijuana Strain to George Floyd Kush

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Our Mission

We - The Hempire want to honor George Floyd's Sacrifice by Changing OG Kush Marijuana Strain to his Name
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George Floyd was remembered as the man who sparked the movement. The man was a victim of police brutality and killed by Minneapolis police officer, even though he was completely cooperative to them. 

He was pinned down by the police officer’s knee and was choked to death, people tried to tell the police he can’t breathe and Floyd beg for his life but police officers didn’t stop. This usually happens to black people, some individuals don’t see them as equal but lower than them. 

George Floyd was not just a man, he had family and friends who know him very well. He was also known as a man who drew kindness towards other people. This leads him to be a trustworthy person. 

Black people are always scened as bad and always pointed as the suspect of a crime. This is absolutely unfair and unjust. George was not even wanted for a violent crime, a grocery store that he was signing a bad check. The police officers involved in George Floyd’s death were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, aiding and abetting third-degree murder, and aiding and abetting manslaughter. 

George was remembered by his parents as a loving, supportive, and guiding presence by his siblings during his memorial. Floyd was an avid fan of sports, even his friend Terai Lawson proved this and said, “I always mysteriously see him in the stands, watching me play basketball all the way through high school,”.