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Remove Al Sharpton As Keynote Speaker At Cannabis Expo

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A message for the organizers and vendors of the Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo

It has come to our attention that you have scheduled Rev. Al Sharpton as the keynote speaker for your Expo in Los Angeles, from Sept 13-15.

Sharpton's long history of anti-Semitic hate has festered for decades, and even lead to violent riots in the early nineties, leaving one Jewish man visiting Crown Heights dead.

Mr. Sharpton's "greatest hits" include referring to Jewish people as "diamond merchants" and "white interlopers."

He has also refereed to Greeks as "homos" and white people as "crackers." Al Sharpton has NEVER apologized for these hateful anti-Semitic, homophobic, and racist attacks.

Sharpton is unrepentant in his hate, and even taunted the Jewish community by stating the following in the aftermath of the anti-Semitic Crown Heights riots, ginned up by Sharpton several decades ago.

"If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house."

As a result, an innocent Jewish man visiting Crown Heights from Australia was stabbed to death by a mob of residents incensed by Sharpton's antisemitism.

Mr. Sharpton's hate fostered an atmosphere of hate among his followers so strong, that it took a life.

We demand that Sharpton's keynote address be canceled, and will not only stage a boycott of your conference, but guarantee that the Expo will be disrupted, if he is allowed to speak.

If the organizers and vendors of the Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo are looking to to stand against racism and hate, then they should be furious over the loss of life that occurred because of Sharpton's wide-ranging and many hateful outbursts.

Allowing Sharpton to keynote the Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo demonstrates you condone his long record of hate speech.

CWCBE will be held responsible for damage done to the Cannabis business community. The home and business addresses of the CWCBE stakeholders and sponsors will be published, so that those in the Jewish community can communicate our opposition.

Sharpton's presence will create nothing but a distraction for the cannabis industry, and serve no purpose.

Al Sharpton can accomplish nothing for the sick and dying in need of medicinal marijuana, and his history of well documented hate against Jewish people is sickening.

If the Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo does not remove Sharpton from the program, you can expect protests and disruptions from Jewish groups in Los Angeles and Boston.


Jacob Engels

Bridgette Bayley

Jack Barfield

Alex Evangelista

Janet Goldstein

Barbara Rosenberg

Eliot Edmonston

Jeff Rosen

Andy Shapiro

Carolina Blumenthal

Albert Kazlow




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