Stop the Quarry in Wallan!

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Let's Stop the Quarry in Wallan, Victoria.

We object to the proposed basalt quarry which will affect locals health from particle pollution, noise pollution and add strain to the local traffic conditions for at least 30 years.

The proposed quarry is less than two kilometres from the southern edge of Wallan (including the Creative garden Early Learning Centre).  One thing that is true about all rock quarries that do blasting and crushing: they create lots of noise, and lots and lots of dust. The frequent southerly winds we experience will be laden with lots of dangerous dust – for the next 30 years!.

We want to keep Wallan as a great place to live and raise a healthy family, without the noise and dust – and associated health impacts - of daily rock blasting and continuous crushing.  We don’t want to see thousands more trucks from the proposed quarry using the Northern Highway.  We want to save our link to Melbourne from having additional 800m long queues in peak hours thanks to the proposed new traffic lights which will give quarry trucks priority over commuters.

The Department of Resources – headed by our local Member Jaclyn Symes – has been aggressively pushing the development of this wholly unnecessary quarry right in our backyard – even though it has already been rejected by the Mitchell Shire Council. We need to let her know that Wallan won’t accept ‘Jaclyn’s Quarry’.