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Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics recently launched and there have been huge issues with the product. When fans packages first started arriving they noticed there were many problems. The problems ranged from a simply melted and expired lipstick, to finding hair, fungus, and sharp pieces plastic in the product. Jaclyn Hill is claiming that the hair is from lab workers using fuzzy gloves but there is video proof proving otherwise. Jaclyn cosmetics is a health hazard and needs to be recalled before people start getting sick. After countless complaints and a compiled number of photographic evidence, it is safe to say the chances of receiving a “normal” Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics So Rich Lipstick is incredibly slim. Action needs to be taken before someone is harmed by the unknown substance affecting the products. Since the company had yet to put out a statement recalling the product it is only right that we as consumers request that further investigation be done to ensure the safety of the product going forward.

This Petition will be sent to Jaclyn Hill, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)