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Petition to Prevent Youth Homelessness

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To: Ms. Jaclyn Grant, Executive Director of YEAH! Homeless shelter

Hello Ms. Grant, our names are Felicia Zhang and Robert Krumland-Dunning and we would like to address a situation with you. As you know, youth homelessness is a far-reaching problem in Berkeley. This situation in Berkeley affects many teens especially those with a from an abusive family. Some homeless youth may not come from an abusive home, but there would still be steps that would lead up to youths being homeless. The consequences of youth homelessness is that since many youth are going to be on the street instead of having an education, with youths not having an education that path they have paved themselves it maybe the only path they can take. With people not knowing the importance of helping homeless youths back to their feet, this leads to youths being neglected and having no hope to pave a new road from themselves.

We ask that you consider creating a class that educates youth from an abusive home on how they can help themselves and what resources there are that they can go for help instead of living on the street, despite its appeal over their current situation. Additionally, if there are youth that want to volunteer, they can tell people about how it is on the streets and suggest other ways of handling what they are dealing with at home. To raise awareness for this class we are willing to put up information around schools and other places where students hang out. This will get the information out to kids that need it. This will help prevent abusive homes from getting to a point where the child feels they have to leave. In a study done by the NCSL, 47% of homeless youth are homeless because of physical abuse. If we could prevent that in the first place, then half of all homeless youth could be safe within homes. In conclusion with this plan in place, youth homelessness could be widely prevented and youth would be safer.

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