Opposition to the Baymeadows Community District

Opposition to the Baymeadows Community District

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Jacksonville City Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Jeff Burgess

Baymeadows Community Council is supporting the creation of a special taxing district (Baymeadows Community Improvement District).  This taxing district will allow a board to issue bonds and collect taxes to pay for the bonds. 

Much of the information presented is misleading and will not result increased property values, better quality of life as they claim.  

The additional taxing district will not be limited in scope and like most other governmental programs, the taxes will go up. You will be paying an unfair share of taxes that benefit others, and more than other neighborhoods in Jacksonville.

This is a forever tax that will continue being assessed on you and your neighbors and once it is passed like the neighborhoods with CDD's (Community Development Districts), you will never get rid of it.

New development that is currently underway in the area they refer to as Baymeadows Park will do a better job of providing improvements to the area without the assessment of additional unnecessary taxes.

We are asking you to sign the petition asking the City Council to vote no for the creation of this unnecessary and unfair taxing district.



417 have signed. Let’s get to 500!