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Bear Proof Trash Cans in East Jackson, Wyoming

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October 30, 2017

Dear Jackson Town Council,

Please take action and pass bear proof trash can regulations in East Jackson.

In order to reduce human-bear conflicts in the Town of Jackson, Wyoming, ordinances that require bear-proof trash cans and dumpsters are needed.  Recent events highlight the need for regulations and enforcement to protect wildlife species and the public.  For example, the JH News and Guide reported  on 10.25.17 that a one black bear was recently put down due to ongoing raiding of trash cans in east Jackson.  This past week, one confirmed, but two suspected, black bears are still roaming east Jackson raiding garbage cans.  According to the article, the Wyoming Game and Fish, states that about 35 people in east Jackson reported bears getting into their garbage in the past week.  This means death for three foraging black bears who had easy access to garbage. 

Human-bear conflicts will continue to be a problem unless regulations require all residents to have bear proof trash receptacles. East Jackson is situated in bear country and a densely populated area.  Many residents of east Jackson live in apartment, condos, or other housing without garages.  This means garbage is stored in outdoor trash cans until the weekly pick up time.  For a bear, this is a death sentence.  As a resident of east Jackson, I have seen garbage in trash bags stored on top of bins.  

Please pass common-sense regulations that require and enforce all residents and trash hauling companies to have bear proof trash cans or dumpsters in east Jackson.  This will help preserve and protect bear species and protect the public.  As a community, if we don't pass and enforce regulations that require bear proof trash cans and dumpsters, we are saying it's ok for bears to die and ok for the public to be put at risk.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

P.S. The photo of bears for this petition was found at  Shane Moore of the WGFD is credited with the photo.

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