Justice For Ku Mauri Harrison

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9-year-old Ka Mauri Harrison is a 4th grader at Woodmere Elementary and this year he’s a virtual learner so his classroom is his bedroom.
The school suspended Ka Mauri for violating a federal weapons law. Ka Mauri had a BB gun in his bedroom and recently his brother walked into Ku Mauri's bedroom and knocked the toy over. Ku Mauri picked the BB gun up to move it out of the way and that is when his teacher saw the barrel of the toy during virtual class. The teacher was obligated to report this to the principal. Ku Mauri's version of events was confirmed by the teacher & his father. An expulsion hearing took place and Ku Mauri was suspend and a permanent mark was put on his record that will be remain for his entire scholastic career. Ku Mauri's father has hired a lawyer and is trying to have his sons record expunged without having to go to court though he & his lawyer stated court would be next if the school board doesn't remove the derogatory mark on its own. The lawyer stated that the school system has violated the family's privacy rights and 2nd Amendment rights. The teacher had the entire class write a paragraph about what happened causing Ku Mauri to feel embarrassed & ashamed, an obvious case of emotional abuse.