Fire the Jackson County, Oregon deputies who used excessive force on Juan Sancho

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Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Hi all, First, Thank you for signing this petition. We’ve just passed 8,368 signatures on our petition, I hope you will share it to get more signatures. Second, the same Sheriff’s office just swore in two new deputies, but instead of using the American flag as the background, they used the thin blue line (blue lives matter) flag. While I understand that flag’s significance to police officers, it has become a symbol of hate and opposition to black lives matter, and used by white supremacy groups. I find it highly insensitive and divisive that they had them raising their hand to be sworn in in front of that flag instead of the American flag. I have read of other departments stopping this practice when enough people complained. Can I ask, again, for your time? If you would, please fill out a complaint at asking they swear in officers in front of the American flag and not the thin blue line. I know this may seem menial, but every small step we achieve can make a difference. Thank you. 

Gwyn Myer
1 year ago