Petitioning Bob Stross Jackson County Commisioners and 3 others

Change the Name of Dead Indian Memorial Rd!

It's time to Change the Name of Dead Indian Memorial Rd in Jackson and Klamath Counties in OR. 

By signing this petition you are telling the Jackson County Commission:

  • We demand that the Commission CHANGE THE NAME OF DEAD INDIAN MEMORIAL ROAD in 2017.
  • We demand strong community input to rename the road in 2017.

Context: Dead Indian Road was named in 1854 by settlers. In 1993, Ashland community residents made a push to change the name. Despite their best efforts, the Jackson County Commission just added "Memorial" to the end of the street. This change was simply "not good enough" and it's time for them to take up this question again. 


This petition will be delivered to:
  • Bob Stross
    Jackson County Commisioners
  • Jackson County Planning and Development Department
  • Ashland City Council
  • Klamath County Commisioners

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