Improve safety and conditions for cyclists in Townsville

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We need safe, direct and connected routes for cycling to entice more people to get around by bike and to keep those who currently do safe.

If a better approach to the movement of people through Townsville is not implemented, waistlines will continue to bulge and people will increasingly be delayed as the city grows.
It is noted that the Townsville City Deal seeks to improve the lives of Townsville residents through a revitalised urban centre, and a more vibrant and liveable city. More Active Travel can help facilitate this. The deal also seeks to re-establish the CBD as the primary activity centre of the city and allow greater engagement of the public and active transport connectivity. There is no plan in the deal to make this happen.  It is our belief that a reassessment and restructure of our road network is essential to reach these targets. We also believe Townsville City Council should employ a permanent Active Travel officer with Urban Design experience to assess and provide input for all road resurfacing and upgrades with a view to making them more conducive to Active Travel.
We have a responsibility to provide attractive (fast, safe and convenient) alternatives to sedentary travel by car especially given the high rate of obesity and inactivity in our population. Quality Infrastructure and design changes behaviour on the roads leading to better conditions for cycling and increased uptake of Active Travel.
Townsville is an ideal lifestyle destination for people who love an active life. The climate is amazing for more than 6mths of the year. It rarely rains. Everywhere is close and you only need to ride hills if you seek them out.
Without intelligent assessment and a change in focus of our traffic network we will go down the path of our congested capital cities.