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In the last month we have seen top executives from Hollywood to Capitol Hill, accused of sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault by hundreds of women. Future generations will look back on this monumental “watershed” historic moment as the day we changed the future for our daughters. If we don’t use this opportunity to make drastic changes and completely rid this from our culture, then it will teach men there aren’t serious consequences for this abhorrent behavior.

How have our morals eroded to the point of people choosing to follow a political party led by a child molester, over the respectable opposing candidate?

Keep in mind, only one in 10 sexual assaults is ever reported, which means that we need to multiply the amount of accusers who have actually come forward in these cases, and realize how many more victims there are who don't want to come forward to report it. 

Women are fed up! What's so amazing is that this is the one common issue that crosses political party lines and affects women of all different ages, skin tone, backgrounds, industries, career types, religious beliefs, etc. I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't have her own incident to speak of, and mostly by men in power. It's time we take this moment in history to define how men need to get consent from women - what that sounds like, what that looks like, what it means. NOW is the time to change the policies and legislation to protect women (and men) from sexual misconduct and assault.


Get our leaders to form a new independent Agency, staffed with experienced crisis counselors. Victims will be able to call in and file a report, choose whether or not to make their report public or stay anonymous, and whether or not they want to pursue charges. Protection of confidentiality will be granted to the victim. It would help every victim feel more comfortable reporting incidents, knowing their identity would be protected, regardless of whether or not they want to pursue charges. 

This agency fields all sexual misconduct complaints from every sector, every institution, every state across America. The Agency will build a database that flags repeat offenders, and  their “trademark” behavior, which ultimately helps provide evidence by showing their behavioral patterns reported by different victims.

This Agency will be staffed with all types of crisis counselors who specialize in every type of situation.  Victims can request a caseworker of their same gender to establish a better comfort level for reporting their incident. Specialists would be assigned for children and violent crimes, to coordinate with law enforcement. This will streamline the law enforcement process.

There need to be clear boundaries established, define what is/isn’t consent, classify the varying degrees of misconduct/harassment/assault/rape/pedophilia, determine an immediate action policy for reported incidents, which would be reported to and managed by an independent agency.

Victims will not have to hire attorneys, instead they will be represented by the agency's caseworker. The accused party will also be assigned an independent caseworker, attorneys would not be allowed unless the final determination is disputed. Fines and fees will be imposed on the accused. Depending on the severity and frequency of the accusations, the appropriate punishment and fine will be determined. This allows swift resolution, without the legal games attorneys play, and if either party decides to sue the other that would be done in a civil court and the determination and evidence from the Agency will be on record.

We need a law that prohibits nondisclosure silencing agreements between the victims and perpetrators. Lack of such policy creates a pervasive systemic problem and complicity in future assaults by the same offender. This would prevent predators and repeat offenders from being able to continue their assaults, intimidating victims behind the scenes, and being an industry-wide "open secret".

We need to get rid of the statute of limitations. It has been proved over and over again that women especially the youngest of children, don't understand that what happened to them was wrong, or they don’t know how to handle it, or they are embarrassed and don’t want to report it at that point in time. The permanent damage and pain this causes surfaces in a variety of forms, many years after the incident.  Victims need to be able to report it at whatever point in time they are comfortable doing so.

We need more serious punishments for these crimes.  There should be a required amount of correctional behavioral therapy that is mandatory, consistent incarceration minimums depending on the level of severity, and fines that are tiered on levels equivalent to the severity of their crimes that would help fund the agency and victim recovery. This will appropriately classify each offense with minimum mandatory sentences and fines.

The other issue this system would track, is the women who do the reporting, and flag any potential abusers of the system. This would ensure innocent reputations are not tarnished by creating a policy that also punishes false accusations.

Imagine if we harness our voices together for true reform, what would that look like? Men have been put on notice, they are being shown the door and publicly humiliated. They are watching their colleagues at the highest levels of power in every industry, literally lose everything they have spent their career working for. NOW is the time to act - we have their attention.

We need Women in Congress and Senate to come together and pass legislation which would undoubtedly be agreed by both political parties. Of course the men who resist this policy would likely have their dirty laundry aired, so they would get on board.

This is our opportunity to lead this cultural change, breeding a new type of respectable man who is too afraid to cross that line, fearing the serious repercussions. Again I ask, what would that look like? I see women in power, women respected by their male colleagues and promoted for their talent, not their legs. I see men who have learned to be a gentleman, a truly lost character trait would be fully revived as men are "taught" by these global examples - how not to treat women. I see women being free of victim character assault.

This is not a political party action - this crosses party lines and affects ALL Americans. This is something all men and women should support!

This movement opens the glass ceiling delivered on a red carpet for women to rise to power, in all industries, and lead both at home and around the globe with their intelligence, morals, human decency, and peace.

NOW is the time!

Leaders in Congress are working now on legislation so we need to collect 2000 signatures to make our voices heard and contribute to the solution!


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