Raise the age for young people in mental health to 21 before they are moved to adult care

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I would like to see the age raised from 18 to 21 before young people are moved on to adult services. The reason being that so many young people are not ready to be thrown out into the bigger picture and they have made a trusted bond with their child services CPN's and support workers. This has affected many who are not mature enough or mentally stable enough to be coping with Adult services and change - building new bonds which for some will be virtually impossible after the struggle they had to build it within child services.  18 years old is a scary age to start with it is a transition into adulthood and to many young people suffering a mental illness it is a confusing and frightening time and this is why the age needs to be raised to 21 to give them time to grow up more, give them more support and preparation for the transition and become confident enough to take on adult services as for many they reach 18 and are just passed on to start all over again. Many young people are falling back over and sadly through the net and lost in society not being ready to cope after being moved at 18 years old so please support this petition to have this amended for the sake of young people every were stuck in this frightening situation. Young people are allowed to stay in education until they are 23 so why can they not stay in young peoples services until they are 21? 

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